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Modern competitive environments require adaptation and action to improve customer engagement, reduce operating costs and increase productivity. The first step in this direction should be the upgrading of the IT Infrastructure. Infinitum, being one of the largest System Integrators in Greece is able to fully take over your IT Infrastructure; from design and implementation, to installation and management, be it a small-business project or a distributed, complex corporate network.


Versatile connections to boost productivity

The backbone of every modern enterprise is its network infrastructure. Infinitum has extended know-how and expertise in this field employing highly specialized and training network engineers. Proposed solutions are fully adapted to your organization, taking into account both its current and future needs.

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Profitable simplicity

Printing and backup have always been a pain point for businesses. Infinitum offers highly integrated MPS and BaaS solutions, designed to help organisations reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

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The future of advanced performance, now

Docker and HAProxy are at the forefront of innovation, helping organizations around the world to modernize traditional applications and improve the performance and reliability of a complex data network environment. Infinitum’s experienced engineers are ready to perform an architectural analysis according to your needs in resources and software and provide a full set of services.

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Minimized costs, maximized security

Infinitum offers top-of-the-line imaging and printing solutions and services from managed print services (MPS) and printing security to scanning services, document digitization and management, transaction management and meeting room design and configuration.

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Best-in class platforms for upscale possibilities

Infinitum possess the know-how to support the integration of the Azure platform and Office 365 services into your organization to offer an efficient and productive work environment, both locally and in the cloud.

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Versatile planning, comprehensive deployment

Our consultants are fully qualified to undertake your company’s projects from the design stage, to pre-sales, implementation and after-sales support.

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Combining vision with insightful strategy

Infinitum has designed, implemented and maintained several IT projects during the last three decades. Taking advantage of this valuable experience, our network of professionals can provide complete consulting services for your business projects.

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Committed to remain on the customer’s side

In line with Infinitum’s customer oriented policy, we provide integrated technical support to your company’s users in an effective and efficient manner.

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