In today’s business world, companies are required to meet an increasing level of needs and competitive demands. The people who make strategic decisions within organizations should use variable and efficient communication tools to have all the essential information at their disposal. Whether it is physical communication between executives, associates and customers or digital, the meeting place should be a modern conference room. It has been estimated that a company executive spends about 35% of his time in meetings, while for higher, managerial executives this rises up to 50%.


To this end, Infinitum has created a dedicated team of experienced engineers who can take over the design and implementation of your company’s meeting room, incorporating all the advanced technologies that will allow you to discuss – whether live or remotely – with partners.

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  • Infinitum responds to your needs by integrating projection solutions, either interactive or non-interactive, video collaboration technologies, AV streaming, and all the necessary structured wiring (power, network, data, media, etc.).
  • You can select from a wide range of Epson projectors that offer multiple connectivity options for your existing infrastructure, as well as corporate networking via wiring or Wi-Fi, remote control, high resolution and multiple installation options to fit your space and match your needs.
  • For smaller spaces, you can choose a short-throw or an ultra-short throw projector, while for interactive presentations Epson’s smart and specialized solutions will allow you to create the most modern and fully-functional meeting room.




  • Installation of projectors
  • Interactive capabilities
  • Multipoint video conference
  • Streaming / multicast on remote partners
  • Installation of cameras and all related equipment
  • Support for all videocalling platforms (Skype for Business, Hangouts, Cisco, etc.)
  • Cable layout, wireless network, audio, media
  • Telepresence solutions



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