Although most of organizations are mindfully deploying appropriate tools to protect their computers and servers, they tend to leave their printers completely unprotected. Nevertheless, it is widely acknowledged that modern printing and scanning devices are actually endpoints, just like computers. They have an operating system, a hard drive, memory and CPU, along with access to both the corporate network and the Internet. Thus, it is readily understood that an unprotected printing device is likely to be targeted as a “backdoor” entry for malicious code, which might be able to “invade” the company with unpredictable consequences.

Moreover, the cost of restoring data is often unbearable for an average business, both economically and as a result of damage to its reputation.

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It is, therefore, clear that printing security should be a top priority for any modern business. Furthermore, the GDPR Regulation imposes on all businesses that manage personal data to adequately protect them from attacks. In case of non-compliance the fines are extremely high.
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To avoid all the above scenarios, you should take some necessary precautions: In fact, all you have to do is choose the right partner to design and implement the right solution for your own needs, either in the context of a comprehensive MPS solution or simply by installing new imaging and printing devices. Infinitum has the appropriate expertise to protect your network by selecting HP devices, recognized as the safest printers in the world.
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Certified as HP Gold Preferred Partner, Infinitum has the expertise to apply the optimal printing security solution for your company. HP printers are designed to include control and monitoring technology, helping to minimize risks, complying with company security policies, as well as protecting the network end-to-end. Only HP offers such comprehensive protection, which even reaches a BIOS level with self-repairing capabilities
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• Secure document handling: HP printers protect the handling of business documents and data, both internally and externally, from the moment the print command is given, up until its output.
• Network Protection: Moreover, HP business printers include security features that prevent the intrusion of suspicious activity within a corporate network. These features are able to detect threats before they start, nipping any possible irreparable damage in the bud.
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  • HP JetAdvantage Security Manager: The HP JetAdvantage Security Manager Suite is the most comprehensive data protection solution, designed to be installed and enabled on compatible HP devices. It allows for complete customization of authorizing within the corporate network by implementing specific security policies with respect to who has the right to print, what and where, while supporting a range of identification technologies. Thus, you can have the peace of mind that any printed document will be received only by entitled receivers.
  • Advanced encryption: HP printing devices encrypt all the data they store on their hard disk, and if they are not needed, they can be safely deleted, unrecoverable.
  • Access Control: The optional HP Trusted Platform Module further increases the level of protection by safely storing user access certificates, while being able to create private access keys. In addition, PIN / PIC, LDAP, or Kerberos protocol access are supported. Furthermore, HP MFPs incorporate advanced access rights setting features, increasing security and providing full workflow tracking control per machine, per segment, or per user.



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