Most of companies are still based on printed documents: Invoices, delivery notes, vouchers, etc. are changing hands, printed, classified, signed, stamped, enveloped and posted, in a manual manner. Typical examples include companies using external sellers, distributors, repairers, etc. Automated classification based on specific criteria, such as Postal Code, can improve productivity by rationalizing the routing of the employees involved. We should also mention that, in cases of extensive and complex pricing and invoicing needs, stapling can be a time-consuming, exhausting procedure.

Ιnfinitum responds to the above problems by offering some of the most innovative print management services on the market. Infinitum’s Transaction Document Management solutions offer time and cost savings by rationalizing processes, minimizing manual tasks, improving productivity, and significantly reducing errors.

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The comprehensive stapling solution offered by Infinitum is specially designed for companies with intensified pricing and invoicing needs, significantly reducing the time for sorting a large number of printed documents.


Infinitum’s solution automates the process of printing, stapling /copying, and separating documents. When the printout is completed, each company driver simply receives the package of documents corresponding on his route. Once the deliveries have been completed, the invoice copy is ready for scanning. There are many companies that print thousands of documents on a daily basis, consuming lots of time on their manual sorting. Infinitum is able to create a tailor-made management solution, automating the stapling processes, virtually nullifying the sorting time.


    • By selecting this solution, companies can reduce the time from printing to routing, almost in half!
    • When accompanied by load balancing of the job-to-print, the solution can be resulting in the use of more and cheaper printers, achieving the necessary redundancy and speed.
    • Moreover, Infinitum’s Voucher Stapling Solution can work either within or without respect to the existing tax mechanism’s framework.
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Electronic invoicing is the exchange of digital documents between two or more entities (a company, a public entity, a natural person) involved in a commercial transaction. This means that invoices are issued, shipped and stored electronically without the need for printing. Infinitum offers the most complete electronic document management solution, adopted by many companies across Greece.


@rchive & connect is the most innovative solution for e-invoicing and archiving of documents issued by a company, automating all the pricing processes of a business of any industry, in full compatibility with the Greek law. By targeting small and medium-sized businesses that make up an integral part of the market, @rchive & connect covers all the needs of organizations in this category, regardless of the monthly volume of documents.


Τhe solution features a range of advanced features, such as analytical reports, automatic archiving of incoming vouchers and searching. It also provides improved flexibility and seamless communication with the company’s ERP.


Since by 2020 e-invoicing will become mandatory not only for public contracts but for each transaction, Infinitum’s electronic pricing solution is addressed to all businesses,



  • Cost reduction per document (including printing, shipping, etc.)
  • Time-saving for management and recovery of documents
  • Space-saving for the physical archive
  • mmediate extraction of data for re-using
  • Quicker dispatch of documents
  • More efficient communication with customers • Faster balance agreement
  • Ιmproved cashflow
  • Adoption of environmentally friendly procedures • Enhanced corporate social responsibility
  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility



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